Should it be Privatised-Tourism Maharashtra?

The tourism in Maharashtra is in a bad state and needs to be revived. India is a great tourist destination and Maharashtra is one of its epitome with an interesting and beautiful history. The hero of Maharashtra Shivaji Maharaj and his struggle against the Mughals is one of the greatest stories in India. Shivaji Maharaj fought for the locals and captured many forts. He even built forts in Maharashtra two of them being in water. The Maharashtra tourism has put across many efforts to withstand the cut throat competition with other states but all in vain. The bad state of the forts, playing the culprit behind this sorry state of tourism. Maharashtra was ranked as the 4th most visited tourist destinations by the domestic tourist in 2010.

Here the question arises, that should this glorified and high on heritage state Maharashtra has reached to a stage that it needs privatisation in its tourism efforts. Especially with its forts. Should the committee of Maharashtra tourism most likely agree that they now need to let a private company step in?  Take care of the forts and its heritage sites to get back the glory of the forts as created by Shivaji Maharaj. There are a various number of other forts in Maharashtra, which are not created by Shivaji Maharaj needing attention. The efforts don’t need to be put in the marketing of its tourism right now,  but those efforts will only be named fruitful once the cleaning and restoration of the forts is done. Where has all the glory of these forts gone. People visit it only to find out that their beloved hero Shivaji Maharaj’s forts are in a sorry state. The privatisation will take care of the need full. This will not only better the beautification, but eventually leading to the increase of tourist’s in Maharashtra not only domestic but even international tourist.

Yes the beautification of these forts needs to be carried out and privatisation can be a suitable solution if not completely the answer, unless Maharashtra tourism does something extraordinary. The steps should have been taken proactively by the government as the restoration needs profound and quick attention. Tourism Maharashtra loses a great amount of money as the maximum of the tourist are attracted towards the northern part of India. Nothing wrong in it as we are Indians and good that a lot of tourists do visit that part of the country, but Maharashtra also has various beautiful sites to visit. Tourist are willing towards knowing its varied history.

Many refute towards visiting the forts because of its bad shape. I will even call the tourist as the culprits behind it. A few which still believe in spoiling the heritage site through a various number of acts. All this will be taken care by privatisation as the number of security personnel can increase keeping the site management in a neatly organised manner. I am not at all stating that the government is incapable or the tourism committee won’t be able to take care of these sites. I am just concerned as an individual and my love towards Maharashtra that this matter needs to be looked into. We all just want results no matter who does it.

30fort-rajgarh 2052442104_95111e30ce Mahim-Fort murud-janjira-2428_m Raigada Underi

Question still exists – Should it be privatised??


Blog Review

Blog, an essential part of a companies marketing strategy and if used correctly creates great results. Companies be it big or small, corporate or an agency, all have understood the importance of having an active blog to boost the company image. Plenty of times I have used ‘Kissmetrics’, a generation next analytic  website, designed for the customers. Kissmetrics is growing at a very rapid pace and its blog has a well deserved face with ample information. A simplified blog with 3 main categories. The categories are well bifurcated as Infographics, Marketing Guides and Webinars. As I am very fond of Infographics and even know the importance of it in the marketing of a company, having a segregated category for infographics gives a great advantage to Kissmetrics and its users.

The whole blog is well designed and has a great unanimity across its sections, be it  Infographics, Marketing Guides or Webinars. Easy to read icons and it’s represents is provided with a single line explanation under its category. One can expect topics to be covered such as ‘The Science of Brands of Infographics’, ‘Brand Unawarness’ and many more. Use of infographics to depict information is effectively and articulately used. Every infographic is well designed keeping in mind the nature of it’s business.


The Marketing guide category also provides PDF on various topics which are vital for marketing purpose. The Blog has crisp writing and to the point information which can enhance one’s business. It does  touch base on different areas of marketing like the guide of ‘Facebook Marketing’, ‘How to optimize your business’ and various other categories which are new and demanding. Social Media Marketing tips are vital and the blog gives good information on its uses. The the file needs to be downloaded from Kissmetrics to acquire complete information from it’s website. The blog provides a 14 day free trial offer,  but to acquire rest of it’s information customer registration is necessary.
Marketing guides

The blog gives an additional option of ‘Filter’. With this tool a person can easily navigate and find out information according to it’s category. This is a very important option provided by Kissmetrics as it saves user time and reduces complexity among the readers. In all this is a very nicely designed blog and has various important information for marketers to learn. This is a must follow blog.



Infographic Tool – Picktochart

With a boom in the use of Infographics, there have been various online applications who easily facilitate the creation of infographics. One such app is ‘Picktochart’. It’s a well designed app with an ease of understanding and exceptional user navigation experience. Its a complete one stop solution for the non artists to create an Infographic which is visibly attractive and also tells a story.

The best part is that this web based app is free, till the time one is using a Basic Tempelate. The facility of drag and drop option is an asset to the usability of this app. Templates are readily available and Icons are accessible for creating a complete stunner. The app offers a variety of other abilities like Uploading of external images, Text – Various fonts, Tools (graph) – graphs are readily available, Background – templates and various colours and designs and designs depending upon the Moods. The app itself has a varied database for images, icons, designs which adds to the credibility of this app. It also offers unlimited customisation to your infographic design. Now creating of marketing materials, professional reports through infographics is quite easy and not time consuming, as the app provides you with different category of which kind of visual file one would want to develop. The categories are Infographic, Report, Banner and Presentations.

The app has an easy login capability where a person can create his own account and password or simply login through Facebook. The immediate online upload accessibility helps  to share your design with others and also helps you understand and learn what the other users are creating. You share your design and its an open book for everyone to learn and also for you to learn from what others have shared. This gives an added advantage in the thought process of the user for future designs. It also keeps the user in the loop with the current marketing designs and gives a clear picture of what is trending on the designing front in the market.

The app also contains a few animation features, which is an added advantage and works in the favour of Picktochart.

The app does offer professional service in two categories Lite and Pro. The options what each category offers and at what cost is listed in the below image.

UntitledReference – https://magic.piktochart.com/pricing

This free web app is worth a try – http://piktochart.com/


Often Neglected factors while creating Infographics

Off late read a blog Kissmetrics. It speaks about the efficiency of making a good infographic. The introduction is quite strong and useful. Today everyone is trying its hand in this ongoing and rapidly growing infographic trend. Everyone is busy creating infographics, but for me a line in the blog grabbed attention, it quote’s ‘Now, you’ve got to make infographics that are better than the next guy’s infographics.’ A very powerful statement which is simple but often neglected. People these days are creating the infographics for the sake of creating them, but how to stand unique in the market is a skill which needs to be inculcated. The blog post precisely states why and how it needs to be crafted. Infographics are nothing but a way to visual representation of information, but to do that we need to keep a few tips in our mind. Simple, but vital points have been acknowledged on the blog.

A few factors from the blog which are of uttermost importance and often ignored while creating an Infographic. I have compiled a few which I feel are more vital.  This should help readers in a short way to touch base a few important factors out of the whole list on the blog.

Target Audience – Important and true ‘Whom is the infographic catering to’, is one of the most significant and often neglected factor. Choose an audience before creating an Infographic. This gives you an upper edge to understand what the audience wants and then design the same accordingly. Be specific than general.

Simplicity – This wins half the battle. The simpler the infographic, the easier it is to digest. Though simple it needs to be elegant in its design and easy to view. Only then will it be accepted more as it’s about the experience and understanding the infographic creates. Give them the wow factor and a simple design will play a major factor in it. For a simple design, keep focus on the White space in an infographic. Empty space increases the importance of the content and the design.

Length – The length of an infographic is another imperative factor to be taken into consideration. Often we see infographics which are very lengthy. Remember, that people lose interest if an infographic is not apt to the screen size of a PC or a laptop. Too long the graphic, less the chances of reading it. 8,000 pixels length presumably gives a better chance to view. Longer than that and the reader loses interest.

File Size – Keep the file size below 1.5 MB. Slow internet connectivity and heavy file will result in no see of the graphic. Better to be safe than sorry.

Headline – Another strong point while creating an infographic. This is the gateway for the graphic for the readers to decide if they are going to continue to read the infographic or just pass. A headline provides solidarity to your infographic. Craft a headline which is unique, interesting and eye-catchy, of course, keeping the target audience in mind.

Flowchart – A story needs a flow structure. Treat your infographic as a story and create a flow while designing it. What comes after what in a logical order is very important while designing the graphic.

Reference of the blog post from Kissmetrics. Do visit the blog – https://blog.kissmetrics.com/12-infographic-tips/


Use of Infographics in Industry-Marketers Love It

Today social media and digital marketing presence has been gripped by the Infographical trend all around the world and across all industries. Pick up any of the social media circuits and  will find the use of it on a very large scale. It has always existed, but the use has increased in the past few years to a greater extent. Infographics are highly acceptable today and with the rise of social media to search, learn and compare has made them hot favouraite.

A sudden growth in the use have given a different opportunity for the marketers to promote their brands through this new method. Every field in the business has widely started the use of Infographics. The industry is striving to create its presence and make their customers learn by increasing awareness through them. No matter what the business it is, Airline, Corporate, Lifestyle Brand, Tv, Radio, Construction, every marketer is keeping Infographics as one of the most important tool for promotions. The rise of the Infographic ‘resumes’ have brought quite a stir in the industry by opening up a new communication method. This positive change is also accepted by many in the corporate world.

Why Infographics are gaining popularity

  • Easily Scan-able
  • Increases Traffic to site
  • Easily Viral
  • Increases Brand Awareness

Being said about the Infographics in print section its use in the Video form is not far behind. Video Infographics is making a steady climb up the ladder. The use of Video Infographics gives an added edge because of its audio visual content. The spoken words perfectly complement the graphics and create a lasting effect on our mind. This increases the possibility of understanding content greatly. Marketers look at Infographics as a new section in the marketing business model. As it is, even if the use of Infographics have been existed, but to use it in a new way and to apply it to a different business model creates them to be a new and emerging way to promote and talk to people.


Expla-In-Fographics  – How to Fail your Interview – Reverse Psychology to get hired

The human brain as everyone knows,  understands the graphical information better. But what should you include in an Infographic that will make you remember things in a good manner. Many have spoken about the reverse psychology.  ‘Do that one thing which you don’t want to do’ and you will always remember ‘the right thing which you always want to do’. Though many a times you would love and want to stick to the wrong doings. Having said this lets pick up a scenario. Job Interviews.


Click Image to Zoom

In a job interview,  it has always been tough for me to remember a few answers to a certain set of questions. What is your weakness, reason behind leaving your previous job, why should we hire you. All one of a kind questions for which you do have an honest answer,  but you would not bother answering them to secure a firm position in that organisation. Lots of weird answers come to our mind when such questions are asked. There might be various reasons attached.

Lets assume the scenario as – I am leaving my previous organisation, because,

– Maybe, I was not satisfied with my job

– I want more money

– My house is far away from the workstation

– Or even maybe the Tea vending machine is bad at my previous office

There can be thousands of reasons, but you cannot give such answers as they would make you look stupid.  The corporate world would want an answer which is monotonous, redundant and revolves around same type.

‘Why should we hire you?’ Corporate answers would be

– If you hire me it will be an opportunity and a platform for me to showcase my skills

– I can achieve various goals in a stipulated time

What if we want to answer ‘I would be the first person to like your post on Facebook and Twitter’. In this digital age, almost everyone wants to be noticed on social media and increase their following. Also think about this, your interviewer just hired you, thinking “Ohh yes, nobody likes my post, if I hire this person, I will at least have a guarantee about someone liking  my posts”. Funny thing if you get hired, but as we all know one cannot answer in this fashion and a person will never get hired if he or she gives such answers. We have tons of weird answers which we always keep thinking with a “What if” I give such an answer. Wouldn’t that be hilarious.


Click Image to Zoom

Keeping the reverse psychology in mind, here are a few Infographics which will demonstrate the answers to be given at an interview. These Infographics which show the negative answers, can trigger you towards giving the right answer which will be remembered better than just learning them from a book.

zoom1 zoom2 zoom3 zoom4 zoom5  zoom7 zoom8 zoom9

Click Image to Zoom

Image Courtesy – Filmygyan Posts-Facebook

Marketers do and should use such kind of reverse psychology for Infographic marketing to prove a point and to enhance their brands. Reverse Psychology motivates people to behave in a certain manner. Human tendency, you tell them not to do something and they will definitely want to do that. After we all humans descend from the monkeys.

retarget_300x250_we_know.png Untitled

Click Image to Zoom

Reverse Psychology Graphic

Image courtesy – www.business2community.com

Let Reverse Psychology also be an aspect to creating Infographics while marketing a brand in an off beat manner.

So see you when I see you, till then keep reading.


Expla-In-Fographics:- Tips and Tricks to create a good Infographic

‘List content’ a word which itself speaks that the content is going to be, to the point,  precise and short. Infographics being an area of the graphical content and to create one we all need to know a few tips. What elements should it contain? A common question often asked. What will  interest the readers? Why will the reader’s hit the share button to make it viral? Reality check – Many of us are aware of the necessary elements to add to the Infographics, but are unaware how to compile it in an effective way. Today I am going to share a list of guidelines on what basic elements we need to add to  create a great Infographic.

  • Be Valuable – Create content which is Valued, Useful and highly Effective. Keep the content short and most of all start the Infographic with a ‘Dynamic Headline’. The Infographic stands a better chance being noticed if it has a dashing headline


The Dynamic Heading – No matter what the subject be the heading makes you stop for a moment

Image courtesy – http://www.creativebloq.com/graphic-design-tips/information-graphics-1232836

  • Be Generous – No point, creating an Infographic if it is not well understood by its reader. Remember this graphic is being read by all and so the content should always be user friendly, easy to digest and never forget the importance of structuring the content with a scoop of attractiveness.


Structure your Infographic, which make the reader to digest information easily

Image courtesy – goodinaroom.com

  • Be Entertaining – Here is where all your hard work and creative design ideas flow in. Though being simple an Infographic must attract its readers to it.Use of various graphics, colours, shapes, arrows,the flow structure of the Infographic will make the reader glued to it and the whole graphic looks entertaining


Make use of different shapes, colour, arrows and graphics

Image courtesy – http://gdj.gdj.netdna-cdn.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/07/vectorgraphic-30.jpg

  • Be in Order – List your content in a proper order according to the value and credibility to craft the reader experience easier and better. Use the format of the Infographic structured in the context of the design, Example- Design and stick to one theme, if sections keep compose them to equal length


Image courtesy – www.essentiallearningproducts.com

  • Be Human – Motivation is one thing which keeps a human going strong. Create Infographic must have a motivational factor attached to it. Humanize it, use of beat designs or content and tap topics which are more in demand


Image courtesy – www.powerretail.com.au

  • Be Timely – Sharing is a very important tool in this digital market, so posting Infographics at a particular time will give more visibility and if the Infographic is of high value it will be shared easily and effectively. Research which channels you are going to use and what time should it be posted


  • Be Controversial – A topic highly debatable and can be avoided at times, but if tackled well enough they work well. Example – Infographics comparing two powerful topics can always create a stir and get noticed pretty easily


Image courtesy – http://techsplurge.com/21396/difference-ios-android-user-explained/

  • Be Engaging – Let your Infographic be engaging and create an opinion. This will increase communication and comments between the reader and the creator


Image courtesy – https://www.flickr.com/photos/intelfreepress/6780720740/

Use these tips for creating a strong and valuable Infographics. Do let me know if any additional feature you think are also useful. So see you when I see you, till then keep reading.